Earth Rhythms, earthrhythms ""All through life, I've had dreams, to escape, to travel, to experience."
But, I need a guide or local storyteller to help me experience authentic people, places, nature, and cuisine."-That's what we do!
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In April, 2006 Celes Davar, President of Earth Rhythms, Inc. was awarded the Travel Manitoba Award of Distinction recognizing an individual, business or organization best reflecting exceptional leadership in the tourism industry.

Wildlife safaris, stories at the waterline by kayak, make-and-take raku pottery, and outdoor team adventures. Day outings, morning photo safaris, customized itineraries & programs for couples, families and small groups.  Learn about Riding Mountain's summer and fall stories and community traditions with guided outings, facilitated community storytelling experiences, house concerts & custom group adventures. Learn how  to track moose, elk, and wolves. Discover who walks and hunts along the edges of beaver ponds. Discover, celebrate, have fun, learnl! Please call 1.204.867.7152 to start your adventure.

Travel is about the power of experience.  
Experiential, educational, and custom crafted, Earth Rhythms' experiences have the potential to transform you. The photos you see here include an early morning guided birding excursion, making raku pottery with a local potter, a well-crafted "local" catered lunch offsite in the park, and a team challenge adventure. Whether you are a photographer, birder, family, conference delegate or business group, we'll help you to discover the Riding Mountains together in new ways. Having fun, learning together, and doing some of the most unique things that are unique to this area of Canada are the magical memories we want you to take away.

The Adventure Season (May - October) - This is a time of year we love because there are so many creative ways to explore the park or local communities. It's a great time of year for photographing wildlife. We guide you to great places to look for birds and wildlife. We help you to experience different kinds of cuisine, and travel to local communities to have encounters with local artists and storytellers. You'll discover places in the park you've never been. It could by kayak, walking, or travelling by car to a unique place in the park. This is a season of community traditions, when we offer customized programs that include a great combination of outdoor adventures, small groups taking part in team challenges followed by a cultural experience, great music, or culinary delights with our unique partners. Ask us how we can create a special experience for you, your family, a special group of friends, or a small business group looking for a short getaway. 

Earth Rhythms provides customized small group travel experiences to Riding Mountain National Park partnering with the Elkhorn Resort & Solstice Spa and Whirlpool Road Bed & Breakfast and many other local partners. We craft experiences for girlfriend getaways, corporate teams, family celebrations and other small group events.  Your menu includes unique team building programs, inspiring regional cuisine, access to local artists's workshops, songwriting with Canadian songwriters, well-being activities, and fun local cultural activities.  We love it when you ask..."What can you do to help us?"  It's a great starting point for having us help you to have a customized, memorable getaway in any of our four seasons.

Custom programs are our specialty
We create one-of-a-kind experiences from a menu of choices, and provide you with our online custom program planning form to help you "build to order" experiences. For individuals, friends, families, couples, girlfriends, professional groups, vacation time share owners, corporate executives, or association boards.   We work with you to deliver your chosen programs at the times that work best for you and your group. They are not pre-scheduled for specific dates or times.

Looking for Ideas as to what we might do for you?
  • A customized offtrail guided wildlife watch
  • A small team corporate retreat
  • A conference "plug in" module outdoor learning adventure
  • Hands-on workshops - pottery, yoga, journal-making for a women's getaway or retreat
  • Celebrating a family reunion with a customized adventure quest
  • Customized team building
  • Interactive songwriting experiences with Canadian songwriters
  • A Manitoba VIP Itinerary for international colleagues
Please complete our custom program planning form, so that we can start helping you immediately, or call us at 1.888.301.0030 to ask us how we may best help you.

The Earth Rhythms Difference

The following criteria make our experiences meaningful and memorable for our guests.
  1. Guided experiential learning (professional guides and experience facilitators)
  2. Real encounters (with authentic people, places, things)
  3. Discovery (surprise, intrigue) wrapped in attention to details
  4. Story-telling (with local people)
  5. Operating with best practices in sustainability (finding ways to keep our ecological and carbon footprint to a minimum - we are constantly trying new ways to accomplish this)
Earth Rhythms' facilitators and guides have years of experience in yoga, astronomy, science, songwriting, outdoor adventures, team-building, innovative arts & music, farm production, or local cultural traditions.  We introduce you to these amazing people, and invite you to take part in hands-on activities. You'll leave with Riding Mountain "memory-makers".

We invite you to contact our featured accommodation partners in the Riding Mountains:

Elkhorn Resort & Solstice Spa

Whirlpool Road Bed and Breakfast
Your host: Karly McRae

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Riding Mountain Infusions getaway

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