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Who is Earth Rhythms?

Earth Rhythms is an award-winning Canadian learning adventure company offering  small group and boutique experiential tourism experiences.  Established and incorporated in 1996, they have a Manitoba and Canadian reputation for creativity, attention-to-detail, and turning ordinary community activities into remarkable tourism experiences.  Owned by Celes Davar and his wife Susan, and located beside Riding Mountain National Park in southern Manitoba (just north of the North Dakota border; and three hours northwest of Winnipeg; four hours east of Regina, SK), we have turned our life long passion for education into small group experiences that are customized, experiential, and offer unique learning encounters. 

With over 50 partners in the Riding Mountain and southern Manitoba region, we bring you face to face with chefs, artists, musicians, aboriginal teachers, yoga practitioners, guides, naturalists, agricultural producers, and many other remarkable people. 

Our mission is:

To create meaningful encounters in inspiring natural locations and innovative cultural settings, engaging travelers in a deeper appreciation for nature, heritage, and each other resulting in inspired people, meaningful actions, and small steps for a healthy planet.

Choreographing learning adventures and brokering  innovative tourism experiences year-round, Earth Rhythms has five (5) core beliefs that are incorporated into all individual and group programs, itineraries, day trips, packages:
  1. Real encounters (authentic) with uncommon people, out of the way places, and unique local phenomena provide you with moments for learning, transformation, and deep insight.
  2. We provide facilitated (guided learning-by-doing) opportunities to be involved, learn, and take away tangible memories.  Our guides and facilitators are knowledgeable people with life-times of experiences that they share passionately.
  3. Stories and conversations nourish memories.  We actively cultivate story-telling, and story-sharing.
  4. Discovery and surprise are our hallmarks.  In safe, comfortable and enjoyable ways, we find ways to surprise and delight you so that what you discover is made all the more memorable.
  5. Our programs are not tours; they are experiences - providing interactive learning opportunities, and enabling guests to have direct personal contact with a variety of local and authentic people who are the story-tellers and experience providers.

In April, 2006 Celes Davar, President of Earth Rhythms, Inc. was awarded the Travel Manitoba Award of Distinction recognizing an individual, business or organization best reflecting exceptional leadership in the tourism industry.

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