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"“Nature is not only all that is visible to the eye - it also includes the inner pictures of the soul.”
-Edvard Munch."

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Clear Lake ©Celes Davar Jackfish Creek ©Celes Davar Pine Grosbeak_Riding Mountain ©Celes Davar  

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These images, created by resident Manitoba photographer Celes Davar  speak to the soul of this province.   Riding Mountain National Park is a world treasure.  Many other images featuring Manitoba landscapes, wildlife, cultural traditions and communities are also presented.  CLICK on any of the photos below to enlarge the thumbnail into greeting card size, and receive the full impact of the image.  Keep clicking on different photos until you find one that you like.  Follow the steps below to send your greeting card.  (Please note all images are ©Celes Davar.  Thank you.)

  • SELECT The image you like best (CLICK inside the small selection circle).

  • SCROLL DOWN to the bottom of the photos to the text fields.

  • FOLLOW STEPS 2 & 3 type the greeting message and email addresses.

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