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"“Excellence is not an accomplishment. It is a spirit, a never-ending process.” "- Lawrence M. Miller

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Earth Rhythms Retreats, Celebrations & Workshops

Earth Rhythms
provides t
hree different types of retreats, celebrations or learning experiences for groups, corporate clients and associations. They are coordinated and delivered in the globally significant Riding Mountain National Park and biosphere reserve, an ideal convergence of inspiring wild nature, unique cultural traditions, art and regional Riding Mountain cuisine.

Celes Davar, President and Mick Lautt, Director of Team Learning are the principals who create and deliver these experiences that are designed to engage and inspire all participants.  Partnering with the Elkhorn Resort & Solstice Spa, the combination of an inspiring wildlife-centred national park, spa and first-class resort setting, and first-class, high attention to detail facilitators, these experiences offer variety and innovation, fun and results.

Earth Rhythms offers three different types of group experiences:

Retreats, Team Building, Small Group Experiences
Featuring Half-day, Full day, or Multi-Day "plug-in" sessions as activities and group learning experiences (leadership and team development) to meet your conference, retreat, or association objectives and outcomes. Combining outdoor team challenges, indoor learning activities, regional cuisine options, and cultural activities Earth Rhythms' facilitators create innovative and one-of-a-kind programs that enable everyone to leave feeling refreshed, inspired and having had new insights.
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Celebrations with Purpose
Celebrations with Purpose are customized events in which a very specific purpose becomes the theme for an event – perhaps it is a celebration of your company’s 1st, 5th or 10th  anniversary, or it is time to recognize a special group, a board, or a product team. Or maybe you've completed a major project.  Combining unique customized activities from the worlds of art, cuisine, nature, and culture, we customize an event to remember.  Experiential learning, education, and fun are the hallmarks of these celebrations with purpose.  For more information...

Adventure Intensives for Teams
Bringing balance to your retreat, conference or meeting through activities that involve everyone in a short period of time with an inspiring and fun adventure. Our unique outdoor intensives, hosted in the dramatic natural setting of Riding Mountain National Park, are designed to engage and challenge group members while at the same time provide an opportunity for teams to connect, perform, and celebrate. While staying at the Elkhorn Resort, energize and learn with an Earth Rhythms Adventure Intensive.  Learn more...

Unlike anything else offered in western Canada, the Earth Rhythms Team Learning Experiences focus on:

  • Custom development of activities, based on careful consultation with you about the outcomes you envision.
  • Experiential learning - in which we combine innovative and leading edge techniques in experiential learning combined with organizational best practices in Appreciative Inquiry to enable direct learning and application to your business or organizational environment.
  • Building awareness about business as an agent of sustainability within all business and organizational outcomes.
  • Integrating outdoor experiences, local culture, cuisine, and teamwork in innovative ways.
  • Emphasis on outstanding facilitation - to enable your team or group to be empowered, results-focused, and inspired.

Book your Earth Rhythms Customized Team Learning Experience now:

Step 1:  Complete our online request.  It helps us to know a little about you before we call you back.  Click here to Complete Your Online Request.

Step 2:  We'll call you and get more details.

Step 3:  We'll provide you with a detailed proposal.

Or, if you prefer, you can call us direct at 1.888.301.0030.  We'll have Mick Lautt, our Director of Team Learning give you a call.