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"I go to nature to be soothed and healed, and to have my senses put in order. - John Burroughs."

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We offer a number of arts and culture experiences that are found only here in Manitoba.  Tailored for 2 - 15 people, these programs feature very talented Manitobans who love sharing stories, giving you a really authentic insight into their lives and crafts, and help you to create something tangible to take away.  All experiences are subject to the availability of our facilitators.

Please call in advance to confirm the dates you are coming, and we'll check to see that the program of your choice is available.
  • Paper Memory Keepers: Create hand-made books wiith friends, and take away a small album to put your new photographs or written reflections of Riding Mountain into.  You'll be in the company of artists who love paper.  All materials provided. Length of program: 2 hours.

  • Fire & Earth: In the company of a local potter, you choose a pre-fired (bisque) form with which to glaze your own pot. Learn about the art of raku. Participate in the firing process. Make a pinch pot and feel the textures of different clays. Take away your own fired raku pottery. From start to finish, you won't realize how fast the time flies. The potter is a delightful story-teller who has engaged and entertained our groups with insights from his world. You'll laugh, participate, and even have a bit of time to shop at the store located in a unique historic building. Length of program: 2 hours, not including travel to and from the studio.

  • SongCrafting: Appropriate for small groups looking for something completely different. We work with Canadian/Manitoba songwriters known for their innovation and willingness to share their craft. This is not a workshop about songwriting. It's an intimate encounter with award-winning musicians and songwriters to share their stories, music, and engage you in a fun and participative experience. Length of program: 2 hours.

  • Mountain View Gold: Would you like to taste raw, unprocessed honey or learn about the biology of bees? This trip to one of Manitoba's bee farms with a bee-keeper who loves the land, taking care of bees, and whose farm is located on the shoulders of the Riding Mountains. He partners with Nicaraguan bee farmers in the summer months and makes hand-crafted log cabins and Manitoba poplar furniture at other times of the year. This is a farm visit like no other. With stories, insights into the world of bee-keeping, and a taste of honey (in various forms), this is a culinary day adventure unlike any other. Length of program: 3 hours, not including travel to and from the farm.