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Group Name
Mobile Phone
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Location of your event, conference, or retreat:

Dates of your event, conference, or retreat:

What type of function are you coordinating or organizing? Please check all that are applicable.

Conference / convention
Informal Group getaway (Business and Pleasure)
Corporate Retreat (planning and team building)
Family Reunion
Special Corporate or Association Celebration
Board Retreat
VIP Itineraries (showcasing Manitoba culture, nature, and business)
Other. Please specify.

expected group size:

Earth Rhythms will contact you (email and phone) to confirm receipt of this enquiry and to discuss your requirements. We would appreciate your assistance with the following, so that we can best meet your needs:

From the following list of Earth Rhythms' services and options, please identify which ones would be most relevant to your needs:

Conference or Convention
Pre or Post conference day adventures to explore nature, culture, the national park.
Conference outings formally organized as options for delegates (not including golf)
Executive Gifts (e.g. Custom gifts, Fine Art Photography, Authentic)
Conference or Room gift packages for delegates or speakers (custom gifts, handmade)
Unique and authentic local cultural experiences
Keynote Multi-Media presentations (live music and photography)

Corporate Retreats or Board Retreats ( for 4 - 50 persons maximum)
Team Learning experiences (team building, collaborative experiences)
Outdoor & Learning Adventure options
Customized GPS Adventure Quests
Leadership and Organizational Development Training
Corporate board retreats
Executive Gifts, Recognition or Personalized Gifts (Customized, personalized, authentic)
Unique and authentic local cultural experiences
Group Experiences (Tailored to your requirements and group needs)

VIP Itineraries
Customized regional cuisine experiences (indoor or outdoor)
Unique and authentic cultural experiences
Outdoor wildlife learning adventures
Excursions showcasing agriculture, industry, local business enterprises, and tourism attractions
Handmade and local gift packages

Informal Group Getaways, Reunions or Celebrations
Customized celebratory GPS Adventure Quests
Handmade special gifts
Customized Itineraries, or Group Learning Experiences
Guided Outdoor & Learning Adventures
Customized group regional cuisine experiences (outdoors)

What transportation will you be using to travel?
What type of transportation will your group have on arrival?

If you were to identify the three top outcomes (an outcome is what you would like your colleagues or friends to leave with as behaviours, feelings, or results) as a result of Earth Rhythms' services, what might they be?




for example:

Event Coordinator Outcomes: As the coordinator of a management retreat, you might identify. " We would like the members of our management team to feel that they have strengthened their relationships with each other, explored our capacity for collaboration, and reflected on how "uncertainty" in the marketplace is not a bad thing."

Friends looking for a getaway: Or, as a small group of friends looking for an informal opportunity to get together to network, learn some new things, and enjoy each others' company, you might indicate, "We'd like to have participated in a number of outdoor activities, had our own free time, and taken part in experiences that we have never done before. Experiencing new cuisine is important to us."


Do you have any additional comments or questions to help us better meet your needs?

Thank you!
Thank you for your enquiry. The information you have provided will help us to ask you the right questions, save you time, and provide you with a number of very creative ideas. We look forward to talking with you.

Sincerely yours,
Celes Davar, President
Earth Rhythms, Inc.