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Table to Greens

We were delighted recently to see the two-page spread in the Brandon Sun about the outstanding environmental management strategy being used by the Clear Lake Golf Course.

Involving their restaurant, the use of bio-diesel, recycling, smart bio-degradable take-out containers, and a long-term approach to composting, and turning the waste stream into a resource stream is all part of their leading edge management program. We were proud to nominate Greg Holden as part of the Clear Lake Golf Course management team for a 2009 Manitoba Eco-Network award, which he won.

Earth Rhythms features Greg in some unique experiences that we customize for small groups. Learning about composting, use of non-toxic disease-combating agents like neem and tea tree oils, garlic extract and vinegars and how effective they are in helping to make the Clear Lake Golf Coursean 85% organic course is part of the experience.  As we travel by electric golf cart, we are likely to experience some other unique aspects of the culture and natural history of this marvelous place.  Call Earth Rhythms and ask about our customized experiences for small groups.

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