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Workshop offers insight into new tourism product development

In November, 2007, Celes facilitated a community-based experiential tourism workshop called Fundy Riches and Valley Traditions in Annapolis-Digby, Nova Scotia.  Funded by the Annapolis Digby Economic Development Agency in partnership with NS Economic Development, Nova Scotia Tourism, Culture & Heritage, and the Applied Geomatics Group in the Annapolis Valley, this workshop was about experiential tourism.

"For rural Canadians, it's the 64-thousand dollar question: How can small communities sustain themselves in the face of economic and industrial change?  Celes Davar has been on a quest to find the answer and discovered his life's passion in the process....Davar now travels the the country to share his knowledge about how communities can develop new tourism products based on the potential for extraordinary experiences in their own backyard, experiences which, at the local level, may seem quite ordinary." See the full news spread, photos and all.

Dr. Bob Maher, chair of the steering committee provided a letter of appreciation for what we provided.  Comments are specific and indicate the degree of transformation participants experienced.

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Workshop offers insight into new tourism product development
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